Who is ballad?

It’s no secret that Neo-Soul and R&B are under celebrated genres in today’s music. Loyal R&B fans are searching high and low for the next generation of musicians to fill in the void for the lack of timeless music. And that’s where Ballad comes in.

Ballad is a soulful R&B singer born in Luanda, Angola, who used music as a safe space to migrate into the American culture. His unforgettable sound is reminiscent of Maxwell and Prince wrapped into one, with an eclectic image to match. Ballad’s sultry voice and passionate lyrics has earned him over 200k streams with his EP’s, Croix and Suite ‘89, and has reached a demographic of over 60% women. His hit singles “Jasmine” and “Give It All” has been featured on popular websites like DJBooth.net, ThisIsRNB.com, and YouKnowIGotSoul.com to name a few. Ballad’s vision and passion for quality R&B is evident and he shows no sign of slowing down.


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June 2018

WRITTEN BY BRIANNA M Ballad, a Boston native and Maxwell parallel, has re-emerged and brought with him an EP that perfectly encapsulates what R&B is all about. Releasing Croix, after a three-year hiatus, Ballad swirls modern hip hop beats with the familiar old school bass and slow-jam rhythm. His soulful falsetto voice rises and dips at the perfect moments, making you come back for more. This EP is perfect for long drives during these summer nights and it will be on rotation for the next few months. "Give It All," our favorite off of Croix, really